New Business Package

I’ve started a Business!

But what now!?

I need a Brand Identity

I need a way to identify my brand as unique to me.

1. Logo

A logo is what helps people identify your business. This seems super important to get right the first time, right?

2. Colours

You need a colour scheme for your business because anything without colour can be, well – boring.

3. Typography

You cannot have a good looking logo, with a good colour scheme and writing that looks bad with it.

Now What do I put it on?

Business Cards


E-mail Signatures

Social Media Profiles


You mentioned a website?

Why I need it

  • I get a professional E-mail address
  • Online advertising for my business
  • Easy access to my contact details
  • Cost Effective
  • Creates a trust factor for your business

Why I should have it

  • Accessible around the clock
  • No website could mean no interest
  • This becomes your Portfolio
  • Clients can shop or book appointments 24/7

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